SePatih Platform

SePatih is next-gen security platform technology to automate penetration testing, hardening process, vulnerability management system and deep security analytics in your organization

What’s the biggest risk to you business?

Each industrry faces a different mix of threats” By understanding the biggest threats to your industry,you,11 be able to make best use of your security budget and mitigate the risks. You can .see a summa ry of the f indings belovv.lrf your sectoir ism”t there., that doesm”t 1meain yo1u’re scrf1e It just 1mea ns we didn,t have a large enough pool of data to enable us to prov ide valid insights.


Intelligent Automated Red Team Emulation

Automate various penetration method while enhance the infrastructure defences. Using AI algorithm to improve the automation effectiveness

Ontological Vulnerability Management System

Get to know your assets vulnerability before attacker does. Correlate vulnerability data with latest threat intelligence data

Dashboard Analytics

Enrich the user experience accessing a bank full of data within a simple yet straightforward dashboard with analytics and action recommendation

Secure-SDLC Framework

Enhance internal development workflow using automation, combined with security module to ensure secured development environment


All The Process are Carried Out Automatically

Vulnerability Assessment and Red Team Engine

Engine that is capable of detecting vulnerabilities quickly and capable to penetration testing


The results of the review are mapped based on various types of frameworks / best practices such as: ISO 27001, PCI DSS, OWASP, CAPEC, CWE

Security Hardening

Reviewing or executing hardening configurations found in several types of operating systems

Threat Intelligence

Collecting Data from threat intelligence, Open Source Intelligence, Social Media, Deep Web collected based on research and analysis of cybercrime, hacktivism, and cyber espionage

Security Scoring

Calculate the risk value found in each threat potential that has been found and other information

Actionable Insight

Core of all information gathering activities. components that have been included with Artificial Intelligence will present various types of information needed and are able to predict the possibility of cyber attacks

We provide cybersecurity to secure your connected world


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