Matadewa Solution for COVID-19

Early Detection, Prevent Transmission

Matadewa Platform is equipped with a thermal camera, the main step to prevent the spread of corona virus can be done quickly and accurately. A complete solution from Matadewa to overcome the COVID-19 problem which features fever screening, crowd density identification and suspect tracking provides perfect protection to control the possibility of transmission in public space environment. With Matadewa, users can create their own threshold easily and get quick notification needed to determine the mitigation measures that must to be taken. In addition, it is also equipped with rapid-screening capabilities, which can automate checking in the field so that users can examine people without the need for direct contact.


Fever Screening

The ability to measure human body temperature using thermal camera technology

Suspect Tracking

Tracking the location of people in surveillance that have been registered in the system

Crowd Density Identification

The ability to calculate the number and level of density of people who are within a predetermined perimeter

Quick Notification

Provide alerts in the form of real-time notifications of events that occur based on predetermined parameters


No need to queue for long time to measure body temperature
Analyzes body temperature based on the color detected by a thermal camera
The checking process is done automatically so as to avoid direct contact
Data Support
Integration with analytics for processing big data
Real Time
Prevent massive transmission through quick warnings so that preventive actions can be taken immediately


“With a total solution of Matadewa, let us create a safe and healthy environment”


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