Matadewa Platform

Powering Tomorrow’s Vision

Matadewa is independently developed; powered by cutting-edge, the algorithm is developed to self-learn over time among information contained within images or videos. Our systems was created through computer vision technology to obtain, process and analyze visual data through machine learning methods. Matadewa platform can be deployed to fulfill a variety of solutions that corresponding with business needs.

Our Core Technology

Face Recognition

Developed to self learn over time among Indonesian faces. Through computer vision technology, it is able to detect spaces on the face and give output of the position of face feature points to determine its facial signature.

Object Detection

Developed to provide valuable information for understanding images related to many applications. Through computer vision technology, it is able to locate and scale of all object instances that are present in each image.

License Plate Recognition

Developed to suit Indonesian vehicle number registration. Through computer vision technology, it is able to detect the location of the license plate and crop the plate by using integral protection to identify segmentation in each character.

Why Matadewa?

Agnostic Platform

As technology permeates into nearly everything we use, being effortless is becoming more and more important. With Matadewa, it design to give you simplicity by running the platform with plugin free browser interface and responsive web technologies on any device.

Continous Development

For any solution, Matadewa accomodate additional future use cases by providing the architecture network diagram, user and/or system setup configuration and maintenance procedures.

Flexible deployment

This allows company especially in security sensitive and heavily regulated context to maintain control of their data and implementation by keeping everything in private infrastructure.
Matadewa Access Control
Reduce operational cost while strengthen building security is not complicated anymore.
Matadewa Customer Analysis
With automation system, decision makers can determine strategic steps in running their business.
Matadewa Vehicle Analysis
Knowing the list of vehicles recorded and find out the license plate number complete with amount of total vehicles detected by system automatically.
Matadewa Solution for COVID-19
A complete solution to overcome various problems that arise during COVID-19 pandemic. It provides full protection to prevent massive transmission in public space area.

“With a total solution of Matadewa, let us create a safe and healthy environment”


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