Enhance your security protection

Explore how you can expand your company's growth without worrying any threats disrupt your business

Wallyanc Platform

Securing Your Company's Digital Journey

Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology platform that neutralizes the threats of malware and prevents it from penetrating your organization system. Total protection with flexible integration and faster deployment, make it easier for the user to open any files without compromising business flow and productivity.


Protection From Cyber Threats

Security platform technology to automate penetration testing which identifies and solve security problems. It secures your organization assets by providing a comprehensive report for your management system.


Physical Security Perimeter Control

Matadewa built as a robust core technology with AI utilization implemented in our total solutions. Through computer vision technology integrated with CCTV camera systems that acquire, process and analyze visual data to enhance safety from the possibility of a crime or security violation happens on the field.

We provide cybersecurity to secure your connected world


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