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Mahapatih Overview

As a lead-edges security technology company, Mahapatih provides innovative, integrated security solutions to consumers, small and large businesses, companies and governments. Through intelligent and agile collaboration, we also can create business opportunity in the global and local marketplace.

Our Products


Securing Your Company and Digital Journey

Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) is a security technology platform that can neutralize threats that are hidden by an attacker, such as malicious code, macros, binary files, etc. Flexible integration and deployment of CDR is faster and can secure data flow across all channels so that users can open documents without worry.


Automate penetration testing

SePatih is a next-gen security platform technology to automate penetration testing, hardening process, vulnerability management system and deep security analytics.


Track your visitor and employee movement

Matadewa Access Control is the first application utilising Matadewa core API. The application can be used to identify registered / unregistered visitor in the building that are actively monitoring through CCTV camera.

Our Services

Next-Gen MSSP

Next-Gen MSSP

Handling InfoSec business and material simultaneously require a lot of resources. Transferring infosec services is the right solution that can enable organizations to give maximum focus on

Technical assessment

Technical assessment

Digital transformation arrived while bringing many various new cyber vulnerabilities and threats. Reviewing technical IT asset minimize those Cyber risk.

People Development Training

People Development Training

Training, developing and educating human resources is the key to success in providing IT services with integrity.



Delivering business value while minimizing risk as important requirements by today. Setting up proper IT assurance increases the probability to achieve business objectives.



We provide cybersecurity to secure your connected world


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